Virtual Storage System of the Present Advent

The present invention is a electronic storage space system that allows users to create and shop sequential data sets, without the need of the hosting server computer to get the data in chunks. This invention provides an useful means to spend space upon disk hard drives.

A electronic storage system of the invention is basically a processor chip that allocates space on the fast drive memory device to store a data established. The invention likewise features an external memory system that decides where you should store the details. This memory space subsystem is very important for excessive storage performance.

The present invention uses data compression and decompression ways to improve storage area efficiency. The invention also includes an intelligent mind subsystem to perform different data backup operations. The invention also has the ability to quickly retrieve a copy of a shadow recording. This gives an added amount of versatility and reliability inside the operation of this storage program.

The invention can be made from commercially available elements. The invention is particularly suited to get large mainframes. The invention can also be used in conjunction with improvements to the operating-system from the host. Introduced can be combined with in any manner that is practical.

The invention can be used to store person pages of info in structures within a data cache. Introduced also has the good thing about being able to fit a large number of data sets on one magnetic storage medium. Additionally, it introduces the concept of variable amounts.

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